Rani Mukherjee - 8
Rani Mukherjee
A very talented actress, she seems to be like a river of talent. She has done so many classic movies and the best thing is that she enlightens the screen with her beauty and amazing talent. She is a typical bong and she has also done a cameo in her father’s film. There are so many successful films are there in her kitty. She has always remains guarded about her personal life and she does not like to explain personal things at all. Professionally she is been extremely successful. People admire her acting skills. She has also won national award for her performance in “Black” movie in which her performance was applauded a lot. She is a typical Bengali girls and loves to eat fish. Her last movie in which she played role of a journalist, which was based on real story “no one killed Jessica” was also very much appreciated, and her acting skills were truly